New MVNIK Album – Only Up

By July 25, 2018New Music

This is a project we have been keeping on our radar with Nrthshore at the helm of the boards.  The music is different. “The Process” will be used as the single and there is talk of a music video being produced in the near future with a very talented video designer.  Keep an eye out for this music video and of course more music, more IG live videos and creating in general. This is just the beginning of an amazing journey that started from nothing! Thats the beauty of this album! According to MVNIK this will be available on other platforms like Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music in the near future!

We will be getting some behind the scenes video cuts from the music video soon ( we were promised we would be) LOL and sharing it with you here or on the IG Stories.  In the meantime MVNIK and NRTHSHORE are already working on new music as well (I dont blame them)

Take a listen and let us know if you think its TRASH or if its FIRE.

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