What Expert Psychologists are saying about the Calm Harm App

By August 11, 2018Viral

If you aren’t aware of the new mobile phone application Calm Harm developed by company Stem4, then you should get familiar. If you notice all over their site they are claiming this app is not a counselor of any kind and should not be used to manage health.

Please note that stem4 does not provide counseling service.

** You guys spelled counseling wrong, but apparently so did I while writing this article.

We decided to speak with real psychologist Nancy Owen who runs her own practice from her home and ask her what she thinks about this application to aid in depression, mental health issues overall.

Here is the conversation:

MVNIK: Nancy, Have you heard of this application Calm Harm?

Nancy: No, but it sounds like its going to hurt me.. gently?

MVNIK: Right, well Calm Harm is an award-winning app developed for teenage mental health charity stem4 by Dr Nihara Krause, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, using the basic principles of an evidence-based therapy called Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). Are you familiar with this?

Nancy: Oh, Yes I am.  You have my interest..

MVNIK: Great, let me see your phone so I can download for you.

Nancy: Nervously waiting…

MVNIK: Ok take a look what do you think?


Turns out she loves it. She screamed loudly with enjoyment. She mentioned this to us before we left her home office…

” Although, it may not have the ability to really counsel an individual with REAL health concerns it does provide awareness and seemingly does have the ability to distract someone with a habit they are trying to kick, or just having some fun looking for new ideas.”

Thanks for your time Nancy!

Take a look at the app here for yourself!

The app is FREE to download and already has 5 star reviews! Take a look

Check it out in the app store Calm Harm App

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