NrthShore Leaks Some of MVNIK New Album!

By July 15, 2018Music

Keeping an eye on NrthShore youtube and twitter channel you can see that he is working with MVNIK on a new music project showing up as PRODUCER! hail from Chi town – Take look at some of the samples and possibly a single from the upcoming album.

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There are some other singles from previous recordings before this project, but you can tell they are either older songs re-recorded or new songs without a project in mind.


We caught up with Nrthshore and asked him why he decided to work with MVNIK on this project in the first place, but thats another story. He gave us one more to hold on to.. Lets wait and see what this album will have to offer as far as lyrics flow concepts style and wordplay concerns.

There are 7 songs complete we know about and probably a few others to come. we gona learn soon!

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