Dogecoin Price Is Surging!

By July 18, 2018Viral

Dogecoin seems to be jumping. It was announced that the digital asset was listed on Robinhood’s crypto platform. So now the price of Dogecoin is boosting up by 20%!

Dogecoin is a US crypto platform and asset for trading.

Robinhoods platform is available in only seventeen states since earlier this year.

The Robinhood crypto platform is allowing further offers for consumers to access Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. This is boosting the amount of listed crypto assets to five.

Because of celebrity investor,  Robinhood platform now has lots of critical acclaim as well as its focus on zero-fee trading.

Jay-Z announced, through his company Arrive Venture Capital, a new investment in Robinhood.

Dogecoin has been attracting interest in investment! The coin was originally developed as a spoof of the popular internet meme ‘Doge’ which was taken from the Shiba Inu breed. Since it was created, it has raked in a total market cap of £334 million USD.

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