10 Best Youtube Videos For Meditation

By July 20, 2018Viral

We have been getting much more into meditation. Researching what really works and reading reviews all over the internet, (Youtube comments, book reviews, Reddit posts, Twitter, Facebook) You name it.

When it comes to getting what you want out of your mind and body, certain vibrations can accompany you in making this happen.  This is not magic, its science. You are made up of 29839420833 small atoms all vibrating very close together, Yes? Yes. So what that means is that audio (vibrations) can actually assist them in basically being more aligned, helping them work together better. You have heard of Chakras and all that Jazz, This is because these things are REAL!

Most people are negative, sad, or worried. Those vibrations are similar to adding a kazoo to a six string quartet, its not really helping the overall sound be more full and fulfilled.

We have gone much deeper down the rabbit hole these days into manifesting our own success and creating our world in seconds around us using these types of frequency vibrations.  (which is working) but that will be for another post. We will leave you with a small description of each video and why we chose to include it.

How to use these videos.

  1. Pick ones that make you feel good. Just hearing the audio will give you a calm, relaxed, peaceful, not worried, excited feeling. Choose that one.
  2. Before you meditate clear your conscious ! this audio will not help you otherwise
  3. Enjoy it! Feel the difference.

Use for Success and Higher Thinking – Problem Solving.

Use for improved memory and FOCUS! This one really works well!

This may be the first video you want to use before using any others. CLEAR YOUR MIND – without doing this its hard to create.

This will literally draw the negative things, people, whatever around you AWAY! be careful – This removes people, jobs, among other things you really don’t want in your life!

This one is literally to just chill, but it works.

This one is cool. Felt like both sides of my brain starting working together vs. working against each other. Creative/Logical sides of the brain combined and watch what happens!

This 10khz is a body healing. This is more of an alignment for healing and overall health. It really works!

Same as above! but deeper.

I will let you figure this one out on your own.

Now. I want to give warning, if you don’t believe in any of this stuff , don’t waste your time here or anywhere else on mvnik.com

You will know this is working when you wake up feeling like shit the first couple times you do this.  And the reason is because your body isnt used to being aligned. Its used to being all out of wack from worry, fear, what everyone else tells you is real, the truth, about you! let it all go and start changing your life TODAY!

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