Top 5 Best Music Production Youtube Accounts 2019

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Okay so there is a lot of video tutorials out on youtube right now that will help you become a better producer, and I think some of them deserve some credit from MVNIK.COM – I will add the videos in the order of which I think they are helpful. Realistically you should be able to follow them right down the list – and now that i’m writing this I think I will do a video of my own if I can’t find exactly what i’m looking for.  (shouldn’t have to, but lets see what we can find)

In The Mix is all about simplifying the recording, production, mixing and mastering process and helping you unlock your creativity. No matter which DAW you use or what equipment you have, I’m determined to help you succeed.

In The Mix

In the Mix is a Youtube channel series by Mike, who in this video de-mystifies the effectiveness of mixing with pink noise thing. I chose this  particular video because it’s very clear, to the point, and a very logical way to think about mixing. Listen to his perspective, see what you think…

All of their videos are really great for learning, by the way. Here is a link to the channel below so you can binge watch for a while..  They always provide downloads for free plugins, session files, and mix templates they are using in the videos! You can learn pretty quickly here.

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Blapchat is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about music production and all of the things associated with being in the music industry.  For the most part Illmind doesn’t get into the really technical engineering things, but the cool thing about his videos is that the topics are really diverse and most of the time he does videos on things you probably didn’t know you needed to know.  Also, he does a worldwide tour called #PassTheAux .. It’s really a great experience, if you are like me who just want to be in the studio with like minded people then you should check it out.

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Sean Divine

This video will bring you through the entire process of mixing a hip hop beat.  Its a longer video but it does provide some great information. If you never heard of Sean Divine you can check out his stuff by just putting sean divine beats into the google search engine.  He explains why he is doing what he is doing and showing how to get it done.  the DAW he is using is Logic for all of you Logic Pro users out there that make hip hop, watch this.

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Charlie Puth

This video is one of those videos that isn’t technical like how to EQ, but just as a song writer I feel like this video is important to watch. Where inspiration comes from and How you don’t have to be extremely musically inclined like writing music notations for example.  And I’m not promoting Rolling Stone as a channel, but I guess if they are posting videos like these on . “Levels” Then it is worth subscribing and watching as a music producer.  I’ll leave a link to all of the Levels videos which i like.


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Servida Music

This video in particular I feel like a lot of people struggle with this concept and its literally because you just need to learn a little bit of music theory. Check out this video about creating melodies and how and why things fit.  To be honest I feel like this guy is helpful gets to the point and thats what matters..

Support Him, we all should be supporting each other .  He’s got 99k Subs lets push it over 100k

Simon Servida

Frank Mvnik

Muhfuckin OP