Slimy Grime Loop Pack


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This loop kit has a lot of unique sounds in it.  Most of the sound is from analog equipment and some of the counter melodies and accents are software synthesized.  These loops are unique to this kit.

There are 9 loops in this.  You can hear a few of them in the Youtube video demo below. All of the music has bpm and key signature on it.

Here is whats included.

  • Mvnik – 70’s Babe  144bpm A#m
  • Mvnik – Clutch 130bpm C#m
  • Mvnik – Final 140bpm Em
  • Mvnik – MAC 173bpm Unknown
  • Mvnik – Magic  138bpm F
  • Mvnik – Metric – 130bom G#m
  • Mvnik – Slick Boi 114bpm A#m
  • Mvnik – Wrestle Sharks 13bpm F#m
  • Mvnik – Zizzo 144 C

All of the loops are between 8 and 24 bars.