Star Hopper Loop Kit


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The StarHopper Loop Kit is a pack of melody samples I created using various instruments. Some synths, some guitar, some custom sounds also.  The majority of the music in this pack has a mysterious vibe.  A lot of it is dark, but there is various moods being set throughout the pack.

All of these loop sample ideas are multi instrument and between 8 and 16 bars with variations.

I used some strange bpm’s in this kit to add to the mystery.

Here is whats in there…

  • Mvnik+Contact 130bpm F#m
  • Mvnik+Exo 126bpm A#m
  • Mvnik+Head home 151bpm A#m
  • Mvnik+In the Distance 144bpm (Texture)
  • Mvnik+Light Year 139bpm E
  • Mvnik+Moon Base 138bpm Cm
  • Mvnik+No Light 168bpm A#m
  • Mvnik+Radio Signal 144bpm F#m
  • Mvnik+Solar 130bpm G#m
  • Mvnik+ T-Minus2 127bpm E
  • MVnik+ Tripp 130bpm Em

If you want a free melody kit check out the free download section