TSS Hihat Loop Kit



The TSS Hi hat loop kit has 11 hi hat loops. (4 and 8 bars)  All of the loops are unique to this kit/site.  the drums samples chosen for these loops are highest quality.  All of the loops were sequenced with different hats for variety.  The pack is free for a limited time to give back to you all visiting this site and downloading!

This kit includes the following:

  1. Back to Back 130bpm.wav
  2. ClickClack 130bpm.wav
  3. Dip 130bpm.wav
  4. Drippy 130bpm.wav
  5. Licks 130bpm.wav
  6. High key 130bpm.wav
  7. LIT 130bpm.wav
  8. Simple 140bpm.wav
  9. Haunted 130bpm.wav
  10. Shifty 130bpm.wav
  11. Swaggy 130bpm.wav

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Check out a demo of the back to back loop at ChopShop